Imagine a Successful Life that Contains a Successful Business

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We believe that entrepreneurs can have a successful life that contains a successful business. Our businesses need boundaries! No more overflowing into every nook and cranny of our lives!

Designing this dynamic and enjoyable success requires new perspectives, personal and business skills, and the belief that it is even possible. 

For our part, we have started the conversation. Beyond that, there are now courses and programs to support your journey from overwhelming chaos to empowered results.

What we have to offer so far:

eLearning, cohort, and hybrid programs that focus on the key business and personal skills  to leverage and create space in your world. They will inspire you to build your own personal leadership capacity, while also opening more doors to motivate and transform others. 

Whether you consider yourself to be an experienced or aspiring leader, we have a path that will elevate your ability to deliver impact and growth for yourself, your business, and your favourite clients.

This month we are speaking live for Global Entrepreneurship Week!!

Where are Karen and Karen this month?

On November 30th, Karen Collacutt is speaking with Michelle Butt in The Prosperous Business Woman group. They'll chat about the flow of business, how to create a successful business inside a successful life. click here 

On top of all of the other great things going on for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, Karen Collacutt, and Karen Kessler, are both presenting at Do it Durham Nov 8-14th. Click the picture to access the calendar and register for free. 

Pricing for Prosperity, presented by Karen Collacutt on Tuesday morning, has a companion course - click here

How to Increase Sales Without the ‘ick’, presented by Karen Kessler on Thursday morning at 8am also has a companion course - click here

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We help Leaders deliver impact, enable Change-Makers to go faster, and hold space for self-development and clarity. Our community is driven by those open to new perspectives and personal growth. We are enthusiastic cheerleaders for the ripple effect and strive to help our clients rebuild confidence through competence.

It’s like being at the very best kitchen party!